Friday, November 20, 2015

Join with Rand Paul in protecting America

From Rand Paul 2016:

Washington, D.C. is beside itself after my actions earlier today.

This afternoon -- against the wishes of my Senate colleagues in BOTH parties -- I offered my amendment to END taxpayer-funded welfare handouts to dangerous Syrian refugees President Obama continues to welcome into this country.

My colleagues couldn't figure out how to stop me. My amendment was completely within U.S. Senate rules.

So they decided shut down the U.S. Senate early to avoid going on record!

If they think this latest outrage is the end of it, they couldn't be more wrong.

As I told you earlier, I will use ALL available Senate rules, procedures and time available until I receive an up-or-down vote on my amendment.

But I'm counting on you to stand with me today. Will you please add your name as a cosponsor of my bill to stop terrorists from entering the United States as refugees?

I believe this fight illustrates everything that's wrong with Washington, D.C. today.

After last week's terrorist attacks in France where at least one refugee played a central role, my colleagues still refuse to look seriously at potentially dangerous characters filtering into our country.

They refuse to have a serious discussion about immigration, border security or the ongoing refugee program.

Not only that, but our country is $18.6 TRILLION in debt. We borrow a million dollars a minute.

Yet, my colleagues in the U.S. Senate won't even discuss, debate or vote on a bill to stop taxpayer-funded benefits to refugees?

Instead, moments after the Senate shut down, my colleagues were harping to the press about how my move disrupted their grand spending plans for the Department of Transportation, Housing and Urban Development.

It's madness.

Washington, D.C. needs new leadership.

But that means continuing to force debate on tough issues the Big Government establishment in BOTH parties would just rather not touch.

That's exactly what I'll do as President.

But I'm counting on you to stand with me.

Please sign your name as a cosponsor to my amendment to stop terrorists from entering our country as refugees.

And if at all possible, please agree to your most generous contribution right away.

I'm counting on you.

In Liberty,

Rand Paul

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