Friday, November 20, 2015

Rand Paul calls bullshit on massive spying

From Rand Paul 2016:

Whenever there is a tragedy, we are immediately told we must trade our liberty for security.

As I told hundreds of students this week, that is bullsh-t.

Sometimes you just have to say it.

The truth is, the government is already collecting all of our data. They’ve got our emails, our phone records, they never miss a beat. And it did not prevent the attacks in the Paris. It did not keep us safe.

Now we’ve got the Senate calling for an extension of the largely ineffective mass surveillance program run by the NSA. In fact, my opponent Marco Rubio wants to permanently extend the program that allows the federal government to spy on every aspect of your life, simply because you have a cell phone.

Without a warrant. Without cause.

How is that conservative? How is it conservative to expand the power of government to survey the personal data of every single American citizen?

Truth is, it’s not conservative at all.

Even worse, the government excuses this unconstitutional activity by claiming it will make us safer. And we know it doesn’t.

We can talk all day about the intricacies of certain policies but this one is cut and dry -- you support the constitution or you support mass surveillance. Rubio, Hillary, they’ve chosen the side of big government over the constitution with this one.

They’re so wrong, it’s not even funny.

We know safety starts at home. That’s why I introduced my bill demanding further scrutiny of refugees coming into the United States. We need to be smarter about our immigration policies, smarter about where the United States spends money, and how. It’s not about tapping more phones and invading the privacy of innocent Americans.

Bottom line, the idea that we have to sacrifice freedom to be safe is BS.

If you agree, stand with me.

In liberty,
Rand Paul

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