Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Show your support for Rand Paul

From Rand Paul 2016:

The momentum continues to build for Rand!

The last GOP debate was a turning point. People saw that Rand was the only conservative on stage, and since then? He’s been proving it.

He’s introduced a bill to stop dangerous refugees from entering the country, defund welfare from unscrutinized refugees from jihadist countries, and a bill that would allow Americans in Washington, D.C. to own guns as the Second amendment intended.

The polls coming out lately are all positive. Here is the well-respected Reuters poll that is being shown on news channels across the country today.

According to this, Rand Paul passed Ted Cruz and Jeb Bush and moved into 4th place, just two points behind Marco Rubio.

And a new Iowa poll says the same thing - Rand is ahead of Bush, Fiorina, Christie, and Kasich.

Coming into December, this race is going to be a 5-person race. We need to make sure Rand stays in the Top 5.

We’re on the right track already. Rand is on an upward trend in every poll. We just need to keep this momentum going and we can with the help of committed supporters like you.

It turns out that standing for liberty and real conservative principles resonates with people. We’re all tired of the politicians going from talking point to talking point. We’re tired of reckless policies that send our sons and daughters to war. We know that the same old Washington isn’t working for us and we can count on Rand to change it.

Can we count on you to #StandwithRand as our momentum builds?

In Liberty,

Doug Stafford

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