Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Remind Chuck Rosenberg that medical marijuana is not a joke

Medical marijuana petition arrives on DEA's doorstep

Marijuana Majority

Nov 18, 2015 — The DEA is about to get some visitors.

This Friday, a group of people who rely on medical marijuana are going to personally deliver printed copies of the petition you signed calling for DEA head Chuck Rosenberg to resign or be fired after he called medical cannabis a "joke."

And the news media is coming with us. Something tells us that Mr. Rosenberg is about to start taking this issue a little more seriously...

And we're now over 90,000 signatures! We're *this close* to the major milestone of 100,000. Can you help us get there?

Please take a minute right now to reach out and ask your friends and family to join you in calling for much-needed change at the DEA.

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100,000 is a huge, in-your-face number that simply can't be ignored. With your help, we can get there and beyond.

And stay tuned for an update on how our petition delivery goes on Friday...

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