Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tell Marco Rubio not to give in to the rainbow mafia

From Public Advocate:

Why has the Homosexual Lobby’s wealthiest activist just thrown his money behind Senator Marco Rubio for President?

Billionaire Paul Singer has a long track record of trying to buy support for the radical Homosexual Agenda among Republican politicians.

He believes he can pay the GOP to delete Real Marriage and Family Values from the Party platform.

Just last year, he went head-to-head with your Public Advocate -- pumping hundreds of thousands of dollars into the pacts of key state representatives.

These payments were made explicitly for their support of the Michigan Gay Bill of Special Rights.

In 2012, Singer’s pro-homosexual PAC spent a fortune endorsing radical candidates and anti-marriage referendums in key battleground states.

And before that, Singer paid out over a million dollars bribing state-level Republican representatives in New York for their support of homosexual “marriage.”

While his dirty tactics worked in New York, Public Advocate crushed his agenda at every point in Michigan.

His bought-and-paid-for allies were run out of office, his favored candidates lost against pro-Family contenders, and his Gay Bill of Special Rights died without any further action.

But I knew that wouldn’t stop him for long.

Paul Singer only gives his support and his funds for one purpose: the advancement of homosexual “marriage” and specialized rights for homosexuals and transsexuals.

Which begs the question, why is Singer in league with Republican Marco Rubio?

Rubio’s campaign has already publicly embraced Singer's support.

And the New York Times reports that Rubio is desperately in need of campaign funding -- which will only make Singer’s influence all the greater.

Rubio spokesman Alex Conant welcomed the support, noting that the campaign has “a lot of work to do before Marco wins the nomination, but clearly this moves us in the right direction."

Does Senator Rubio plan to endorse the Homosexual Agenda?

Or will he stand up for Real Marriage and Family Values by rejecting Paul Singer and his dirty millions?

Just weeks ago, Public Advocate asked every candidate -- Republican and Democrat -- to show their commitment to Religious Liberty by supporting Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis.

It is unacceptable for Marco Rubio to respond to this request by joining forces with the Homosexual Lobby in their quest to restrict religious freedoms.

Is Paul Singer using his deep pockets to move the campaign away from traditional family values?

That’s what I need you to write Marco Rubio and ask.

Email: contact@marcorubio.com

Ask Senator Marco Rubio why he is in league with the radical Homosexual Lobby and their wealthiest backer Paul Singer.

For the Family,

President, Public Advocate of the U.S.

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